NDIS Survey of Disability Support Providers

The NDIS Survey of Disability Support Providers is a core part of the evaluation. It is vital to have involvement from across the disability sector for a comprehensive picture of the impacts and changes arising from the implementation of the NDIS.

We want to hear about opportunities and challenges and how providers are responding.

We’re looking at workforce issues and the realities of working in the disability support sector. Will the sector become more or less attractive to those who already work in it? If new workers are needed, where will they come from? Are there issues affecting workforce recruitment and retention?

The survey is a comprehensive, deep, and impartial fact-finding exercise designed to observe and monitor development in the local and national disability sector, focussing both on organisational changes, workforce changes, and on the market trends in occupations related to the NDIS roll out.

Disability support providers and their employees; and self-employed providers are invited to take part in this large-scale national survey.

The 2017 survey will be distributed to organisations and businesses in hard copy with the option to complete online. Disability support workers will receive an invitation to complete the survey online.

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Message from the Department of Social Services to Disability Support Providers